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  • UPDATED: Investors erase Zoetis gains as questions emerge about Valeant's pursuit

    Just one day after the Wall Street Journal reported that Valeant had made a buyout bid for Zoetis, sending shares of the animal health giant up 11% to an all-time high of $55.48, investors started doubting the deal would happen. As of Monday's stock market opening, no details about the acquisition attempt had been released, and shares opened trading at just over $48--erasing all the gains that had come from the rumor.

USDA amends rules to allow vets to make custom vaccines in their offices

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has amended its rules to allow veterinarians to make vaccines in their offices for individual clients, so long as compounds aren't contracted out to unlicensed manufacturers.

Report: With Valeant takeover rumors fading, could Zoetis buy IDEXX?

A week after rumors of a Valeant takeover sent shares of Zoetis flying 11% to an all-time high of $55.48--and then crashing right back down when no bid emerged--investors have been given another tantalizing scenario to ponder about the much-discussed animal health giant. On June 29, Canaccord Genuity analyst Mark Massaro published a report suggesting Zoetis might have both the resources and the desire to acquire veterinary diagnostics maker IDEXX.

Patterson offloads medical unit to private equity firm for $715M, boosts focus on animal health

Just two months after hiring Bank of America to explore a selloff of its medical-equipment unit, distributor Patterson Companies has found a buyer. The Minnesota company announced on Wednesday that it will be selling Patterson Medical to private equity firm Madison Dearborn Partners for $715 million. The deal is expected to close next quarter.

FDA, Gates Foundation call for improved global access to veterinary drugs

In late June, drug regulators from around the world gathered in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, to brainstorm solutions for solving a major problem in many African countries and other developing nations: a lack of access to veterinary care, and most importantly, to particular drugs and vaccines that could protect against livestock losses.

Sorrento nabs key FDA designation for nonopiate drug to treat bone pain in dogs

A compound called resiniferatoxin, now in a Phase I/II study at the National Institutes of Health to treat intractable pain in people with end-stage cancer, has been shown in early trials in pet dogs to be effective in relieving pain from canine bone cancer and osteoarthritis.


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A team of collaborators drawn from Harvard, Johnson & Johnson and other groups published results from a preclinical animal study Thursday afternoon that underscores the potential for developing the world's first HIV vaccine.


Vertex Pharmaceuticals won the FDA's blessing to market a new combination therapy for cystic fibrosis, clearing the way for a drug key to the company's future as it moves away from antiviral treatments.