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U.K. launches $3M imaging program to improve pig herd health and production

A U.K. consortium led by Zoetis announced a $3 million project that will use visual imaging and digital technology to improve the health and wellness of pig herds with a goal of better production.

Piedmont sets lofty goals for pipeline of 25 veterinary drugs

Piedmont Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2001 in Greensboro, NC, and has been operating largely off the radar since then. But on Wednesday, the company put out an announcement stating a bold objective to be counted "among the top seven largest companion animal pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. by 2020."

Are farmed fish contributing to the rise of antibiotic resistance?

How can the aquaculture industry lead the way to responsible use of antibiotics without sacrificing food safety and endangering human health? That question was posed recently by The Fish Site, published by U.K.-based agricultural data provider 5m.

Petco boosts animal health presence with purchase of Drs. Foster & Smith

Pet retail giant Petco of San Diego announced Wednesday that it is acquiring online and catalog company Drs. Foster & Smith, which is owned by veterinarians and based in Wisconsin.

High-flying Heska talks up business overhaul at NYC investor event

On Friday, Colorado-based Heska took a major step into the spotlight by holding an Investor Day at Nasdaq MarketSite in New York's Times Square.


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LabCorp and CareDx have officially pulled the plug on a previously announced agreement to develop a lupus flare predictor test after completing the first phase of their collaboration.


Thanks in part to its all-hands approach to immuno-oncology, AstraZeneca's pipeline is now nearly 50% biologics, leading the company to lay out $200 million to build the capacity it will need to follow through on those in-development projects.