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  • Jaguar fails to impress Wall Street after first investor day

    Jaguar Animal Health held an Analyst and Investor Day in New York City on Nov. 16--its first since its May IPO. But the event didn't seem to turn around the tough reception Jaguar has received on Wall Street to date. By the end of trading on Friday, shares were down about 11% from their Monday opening price of $2.60.

Nexvet focuses first investor symposium on prospects for biotech in vet medicine

Nexvet Biopharma had its first event for investors on Nov. 23 in New York, but the company stopped short of calling the gathering an "investor day," dubbing it instead an "animal health symposium." That may be because the company has such a long way to go before its first commercial product is ready to launch that it couldn't actually provide any concrete financial forecasts to the 25 or so analysts who were there.

Merck and Zoetis line up rival vaccines to fight new strain of dog flu

After an outbreak of canine influenza sickened 1,000 dogs in the Chicago area, 5 of which died, some veterinarians were recommending vaccines made by Merck Animal Health and Zoetis. Problem was, those vaccines were designed to fight the H3N8 strain of the vaccine, which had been prevalent in the U.S. until this year. So vets couldn't promise those vaccines would do much to fight the new strain, H3N2.

Scientists roll out innovative health-tracking device for guide dogs

Animal health companies have been rolling out wearable devices that allow owners to monitor their dog's well-being. Now researchers are developing a device that lets people who are blind keep tabs on their guide dog's health.

Patterson boosts Q2 revenues on Animal Health International acquisition

In its second fiscal quarter, announced before the market opened on November 24, Patterson's animal health unit recorded revenues of $774.5 million--more than doubling its results from the same period a year ago.

Kuddly joins herd of veterinary apps with $1.5M seed round

Vet24Seven and Vet on Demand give pet owners round-the-clock access to veterinarians via their mobile phones. Now there's a new app in the neighborhood, Kuddly, which announced on November 19 that it has raised $1.5 million in seed funding from Exponential Partners to further develop its mobile offerings.


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Neil Woodford has invested $95 million in Northwest Biotherapeutics and its controversial therapeutic cancer vaccine over the past year. And now that he has bought up 28% of the company's stock, he's pushing hard for an independent investigation into allegations of financial impropriety that have been in circulation since before he took his first big stake in the biotech.


Two years ago, Roche stirred some renewed excitement in the antibiotics field when signed on to partner with Switzerland's Polyphor on a mid-stage program, committing up to $560 million on a deal that heralded the pharma giant's return to the field. Today, though, Roche dropped out of the collaboration but promised to maintain its commitment to the antibiotics field.