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  • Aratana shares soar on first FDA filing for approval of canine arthritis drug

    Shares of Aratana Therapeutics jumped 25% to $3.99 a share in after-market trading on January 25, after the company announced it had filed for FDA approval of Galliprant (grapiprant), its drug to treat pain in dogs with osteoarthritis. It is Aratana's first FDA filing, and it comes after a turbulent 2015 for the company, which disappointed investors with dashed hopes for its canine lymphoma franchise.

UPenn veterinary students to star in new Animal Planet reality show

Last fall, veterinary students at Cornell University were the stars of a reality show on Nat Geo WILD called Vet School. Now Cornell's East Coast neighbor, the University of Pennsylvania, is gearing up for its own reality show spotlighting the rigors and adventures of learning to be a veterinarian.

Currency woes overshadow Merck's 2015 growth in animal health

Merck reported that sales in its animal health unit fell 6% year over year to $830 million in the fourth quarter of 2015, which included a 14% negative impact from foreign exchange rates.

Scientists pinpoint contributions pets can make to human medicine

Last June, the National Academies' Institute of Medicine hosted a two-day workshop in Washington, DC, aimed at promoting clinical research in dogs that can be translated to finding new cures for people. Now the IOM is sharing insights that came from the more than 20 veterinarians and scientists who attended the event.

Stem cell therapy developed to treat dental disease in cats could also help people

Cats with a debilitating tooth ailment called feline chronic gingivostomatitis sometimes experience pain even after getting their teeth removed or taking multiple doses of antibiotics or steroids. But a new treatment that draws on the cats' own stem cells could prove game-changing in helping animals that are suffering from the disease. The findings could also apply to humans with oral diseases.

Jaguar shares plummet on plans for $5M secondary stock offering

Jaguar Animal Health has had a rough ride as a public company: First its shares lost half their value within two months of the company going public in May at $7 a share, and now investors are stomping all over its plans to raise more money in a secondary offering.


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Thanks to flailing pharma revenues and its decision to ship away its oncology assets, GlaxoSmithKline has a lot riding on vaccines. And in 2015, the unit delivered with 19% revenue growth, although profit and operating margin both fell.


A little more than a week after Cambridge, MA-based Akashi Therapeutics suspended its study of a new drug for Duchenne muscular dystrophy after a patient was sent to the hospital, the biotech reports that the trial subject has died.