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K-State, Lawrence Livermore team on Dx tools to detect infectious diseases

Veterinary medicine researchers at Kansas State University and scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have teamed to advance the development of diagnostic tools used to detect infectious diseases, including porcine-related afflictions.

Are flea-fighting pills gaining ground on OTC topicals?

PetMed Express CEO Menderes Akdag raised a few eyebrows when he blamed his company's missed quarterly profit and sales targets on the weather.

VCA beats Q3 estimates on same-store hospital sales growth

VCA, which manages the largest network of veterinary hospitals and labs in the U.S., announced Thursday night that its revenues grew 7.7% to a record $499.6 million in the third quarter. The company credited the positive results in part to its acquisition of 13 independent animal hospitals with combined annual revenues of $26 million.

USDA awards $4.5M to vets working in underserved areas

A full 22 U.S. states don't have enough veterinarians in rural areas to keep livestock healthy. So for the second year in a row, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Institute of Food and Agriculture is helping veterinary students defray tuition costs, provided they agree to work in an underserved area for three years.

Report: Pet owners jump on the probiotics bandwagon

Growing interest in the microbiome--the vast colony of microbes that live in our guts--has turbocharged sales of everything from probiotic supplements to yogurts containing so-called beneficial bugs. Now that enthusiasm is poised to spill over into the animal health market.


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WuXi PharmaTech has struck a deal with the genomics experts at Foundation Medicine, signing on to offer the company's cancer-decoding services to drug developers in its native China.

FiercePharma Manufacturing

Denmark-based Novo Nordisk said on Friday that it had received a subpoena from a U.S. Attorney who wants some info about its manufacturing operations at a plant in Kalundborg. But the company said it really has no idea why.